What the fuck is wrong with Mitch McConnell?

No, I’m not talking about his hideous necrosis. I already went over that a few days ago, and my research determined he’s a ghoul. I’m talking about how he’s a bad person. Like, truly. He’s an evil person, and I do not wish him well.

Normally I wouldn’t just list reasons Moscow Mitch has failed the American people, but in these past few weeks he’s really pulled some shit. Confirming People of Praise cult member Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court after months of stalling on a covid relief package was the ultimate evil villain move. Remember when ‘Mitch the Lich’ wouldn’t even allow Merrill Garland to have a hearing because “not in an election year?” I do.

McConnell in his own words // Fox News

Moscow Mitch doesn’t care about Kentuckians, either. He mostly acts at the behest of giant corporations, while simultaneously dismissing the well-being of his constituents. His home state of state is one of the most reliant on federal funds, yet he acts religiously to end social programs. If you think I’m just being dramatic, I’m definitely not alone. He literally scores 14% on the UFCW scale for labor issues.

Chip Somodevilla // Getty

Basically all this guy has done during the pandemic is facilitate the rise of fascism, and walk around looking like a rotting corpse. It makes you wonder if there are multiple reason his nickname is the Grim Reaper and his desk is the Graveyard.

On November 3rd, do us a favor Kentucky: hurdle the turtle and vote for Amy McGrath.