What happened to Trump’s “$200 Grift Cards for Grandma” vote buying scheme?

For literally five years we have been listening to Donnie go on about his imaginary healthcare plan. We’ve heard all his theories about the evils of Obamacare, including lie after lie about socialized healthcare in General. Don’t worry folks, the only pre-existing condition we collectively have is less than “two weeks away” from a solution: voting Trump out of office.

Healthcare is always two weeks away // Washington Post

In late September, the failure-in-chief made a desperate move to consolidate geriatric voters by offering $200 giftcards for pharmaceuticals. To accomplish this, Trump announced plans to grift $6.6 billion from the same Medicare trust fund he’s been trying to destroy, and use it to literally buy votes. A move considered illegal by…well, by everyone.

Kayleigh makes empty promises // Sept 24 // Twitter

The fact of the matter is that $200 can’t buy very much in our broken healthcare system, especially for the geriatric crowd. You cant even buy one months supply of insulin, which runs upwards of $375. Is this Trumpcare? I think Rep Suozzi (D-NY) speaks for everyone when he says: No, thanks.

Forbes // Twitter

While Mark Meadows is still leaning hard into the empty promise of grift cards for the elderly, he’s made the concession it will have to wait until after the election. Meadows, Trump’s fourth Chief of Staff, is most likely just feeding the ailing geriatric crowd more empty promises at Trump’s behest. If he didn’t, we can assume, he would be fired.

Lmaoooooo // 60 Minutes // Twitter

Trump has been crystal clear about one thing: he doesn’t give a fuck about healthcare. Remember when he made big claims about reducing drug prices in July, only to have the pharma lobby completely expose his nonsense? What about in last night’s 60 Minutes when Kayleigh McEnany showed Leslie Stahl a giant book of nothing? Unless it’s going to benefit him directly, OR hurt the “radical left”, he’s not going to help the American public on our quest for quality affordable healthcare.

When he loses the election, don’t expect a vindictive Trump to hand out $6.6 billion dollars unless he’s able to take a cut.

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