Lindsey Graham is pathologically hypocritical and deserves a spanking

“[Joe Biden] is the nicest person I think I’ve ever met in politics, he’s as good a man god has ever created” Graham said in a 2015 interview with Huffpost. The South Carolina Senator was almost brought to tears while praising the former Vice President, showing a human emotion nearly impossible for most reptilian-hybrids to replicate.

Lindsey Graham on Joe Biden in 2015 // Huffpost

In 2020 he’s been singing a different tune about the “figurehead of the most radical movement ever in American history,” whatever that means. Graham appears to be indifferent about his hypocrisy. The swamp creature who once said Donald Trump “would make a terrible commander-in-chief,” is now commonly cited as Trump’s closed ally in the Senate. The reality show President even once called Senator Graham “one of the dumbest human beings,” a critique that Graham has apparently since adopted as his personal motto.

”I want you to use my words against me” Lindsey said in 2015, referring to his objection of an election year SCOTUS confirmation. His words are categorically meaningless, though, because just this past week the Senator from South Carolina was leading the SCOTUS confirmation hearings for ultra-conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett. Is 2020 an election year? I can’t remember.

Lindsey begging for money // Washington Post

As a result of being fully transparent about his gold medal mental gymnastics performance, Lindsey is being out-raised and beaten in the polls by Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison. Watching Graham beg for money, we can all agree, has been a small glimmer of sunshine in an otherwise dark world.

Perhaps this wont be the first time Lindsey has been spanked, but it may be the first time it happens in public. Make sure you’re registered to spank and vote the hypocrites out of office on November 3rd.

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